Vabimo vas, da se udeležite predavanja poljske predavateljice prof. dr. Agate Jurkowske-Gomułke na temo “Competition matters - beware of cartels!”, ki bo potekalo v sredo, 15. marca od 16:30 do 20:30 v Oranžeriji na Brdu pri Kranju.

Short description of a course:

Cartels can be defined as agreements on prices, quotas, tenders, etc., concluded by companies in order to distort or even eliminate competition on a relevant market. Cartels devastate a sound competition - a core of free market economy - so they are strictly prohibited either by the EU or national laws, they are also strongly fought against outside Europe (e.g. in US, Japan, South Africa, Brasil). However, managers are currently exposed to pressure of satisfying economic results of firms (what in fact can be as an incentive to set up a cartel in order to improve firm's financial results) but a decision on a company's participation in cartel can result in individual (personal) financial liability or even imprisonment.

Dr. Agata Jurkowska-Gomułka is a profesor of law and a vice rector for research in University of IT and Management in Rzeszow (Poland). She is specialised in EU and Polish competition law. Within this area she is a deputy editor-in-chief of Yearbook of Antitrust and Regulatory Studies published by University of Warsaw.


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