The Dean

doc. dr. Gorazd Justinek

The Dean acts as the head of the school. The Dean's Office includes the Dean, the Associate Deans and the school secretary.

Anyone employed at the school as a higher education teacher can be appointed to the position of Dean.

The Dean is elected for a term of office of two (2) years.

The Dean has the powers and responsibilities set out in the relevant legislation and the school's act of establishment and statute. The Dean's primary duties are:

  • managing, supervising, directing and coordinating teaching, academic, professional, consulting and scientific research activities and ensuring the legality of their performance;
  • ensuring and assuming responsibility for the legality of the school's operations;
  • monitoring, determining and ensuring the quality of the school and its study programmes, scientific research and professional activities and preparing an annual quality report (the school's self-evaluation report);
  • convening and chairing the meetings of the school senate;
  • convening and chairing the meetings of the Dean's advisory board, which are attended by the associate dean or associate deans, the members of the Governing Board and the school secretary, and if necessary, the heads of the school's organisational units;
  • approving proposals for diploma thesis topics for undergraduate studies and appointing the chairperson and members of thesis committees;
  • approving proposals for graduate research paper topics;
  • reporting on their own work to the Senate, the Governing Board and the school's founders;
  • promoting doctors of science;
  • deciding on the disciplinary liability of employees and imposing disciplinary measures within their powers;
  • deciding on appeals against the decisions of the Academic Affairs Committee;
  • deciding on other matters and performing other duties in accordance with the law and other regulations and the school's act of establishment and statute.