The Faculty of Government and European Studies began with its activity in the 2013/2014 academic year. Since then, the faculty has established many contacts and fruitful partnerships with foreign institutions and continues to actively engage and connect with all related higher education institutions in the European and international arena.             

Students who wish to study at the Faculty of Government and European Studies must first check whether their home university has a bilateral agreement for student exchange with the Faculty of Government and European Studies (FGS). Once this has been confirmed, the student must submit their application to the International Office of their home university. 

Erasmus+ student charter highlights your rights and obligations and tell you what you can expect from your sending and receiving organisations at each step of your Erasmus+ experience. More informations about this you can read on Erasmus+ student charter.

FGS information for the Erasmus+ programme


PIC code: 947971204

Erasmus ID code: SI KRANJ03