for Academic year 2017/2018

Undergraduate Level – 1 st cycle

1 European Constitutional Law (UN) dr. Matej Avbelj 8
2 Human Rights Law (Jean Monnet Module) dr. Jernej Letnar Černič 7
3 Administrative Law dr. Jernej Letnar Černič 8
4 Ethics of public administration dr. Vojko Strahovnik 3
5 Philosophical, social and legal aspects of religious communities dr. Vojko Strahovnik 3


Graduate Level – 2 nd cycle

1 Law of the European Union dr. Matej Avbelj 10
2 European Administrative Law dr. Matej Avbelj 10
3 Democracy and Rule of Law dr. Matej Avbelj 10
4 International Human Rights Law dr. Jernej Letnar Černič 10
5 Public International Law dr. Jernej Letnar Černič 10
6 Ethics and public policy dr. Vojko Strahovnik 5
7 Economic and European Diplomacy dr. Gorazd Justinek 5


Incoming students and teachers are placed in close contact with Erasmus coordinator. They provide support in any administrative, immigration or social issue. Information support is provided also to find housing. FGSG facilities are adapted to suit the needs of people with disabilities.



Intensive Course of Slovene for Erasmus+ Students

Students who would like to learn the Slovene language can get information at the website of

Centre for Slovene as a second and foreign language, which works under the auspices of the Department of Slovene Studies at the Faculty of Arts (University of Ljubljana) in Ljubljana.

The course is only intended for students registered in a higher education institution holding an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE), who have been selected for an Erasmus+ study/placement period. The course is co-funded by the European Union. It is intended for beginners in Slovene.