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About Kranj

The town of  Kranj is a picturesque town situated on a rocky prominence between two alpine rivers - Sava and Kokra. It is situated on the junction of important routes, leading from Northern Europe to the Adriatic Sea and from Western towards Eastern Europe. The old town centre is rich with cultural-historical sights. Therefore, it has been protected as a cultural monument since 1983. Important Slovenians contributed to the development of Kranj with their lives and achievements, one of them being the greatest Slovenian poet France Prešeren. Today, there are 49 town centres in the municipality stretching all the way from the foothills of Šmarjetna gora and St. Jošt, to the towns of Preddvor in the northeast and Šenčur to the east, and to Trboje Lake in the south. The outskirts of the town boast with a wide range of natural and cultural sights, attractive walking and cycling routes, and rich culinary offer. Kranj is the fourth biggest city in Slovenia and represents an important economic, cultural and sports centre of Gorenjska. It is a modern town with different faces, where the old is gently intertwined with the new; and where a harmony of images is achieved. Offering a cultural, historical, natural and technical heritage as well as pleasant atmosphere of a small town, Kranj is definitely worth a visit.  

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Student's experiences

»When I was thinking about staying in Slovenia at Erasmus, I had a few options where to go. I decided to move into nice city named Kranj. Near that city is very small and nice university. It is located in fantastic area with small lake, where you can find relaxing zone during a summer time, which is perfect for studying. Law faculty in Brdo is really nice one with great courses and helpful professors. Studying here give me a lot of new knowledge and self-confidence. I can speak more easily thanks to individual consultations and I improved my writing skills. You can choose from a diverse amount of courses and pick the right option for you. I am really happy that I get the opportunity to spend time at this university with so many great people who helped me to overcome initial uncertainty and I am really grateful to them for this attitude.«  (Veronika Ciencialová,  Masaryk University, Faculty of Law, Czech Republic)