Members of Council

Špela Gomboc, president

Drobnič Robert, Flis Sara, Kočič Aleksander, Kolarič Boštjan, Kotnik Simona, Kramberger Ivan, Marn Barbara, Mežek Gregor, Murnik Miran, Sušnik Špela

Student Council

The Student Council of the Faculty of Government and European Studies is the offcial FGS student body, whose purpose is to enable communication between the students and the faculty’s governing bodies and vice versa. We usually hold a meeting once a month or when necessary. The meetings are open to the public, so anyone who is interested can join in.

Let us point out some of our more important tasks:

  • we adopt and carry out programme extracurricular activities for the faculty’s students;
  • we organise round tables and academic evenings;
  • organise professional excursions and visits to institutions where the students can obtain additional knowledge;
  • deal with and gives their opinion to the relevant bodies regarding the statute of the faculty and all matters that refer to the rights and duties of the students;
  • we make sure the students are informed;
  • we problematise and critisise problematic situations and on the basis of this, draw up proposal to improve these issues;

The most import task of the FGS’s SC is to represent the voice of the students in front of the faculty’s governing bodies. If you are experiencing any problems or if you have any ideas on how to make studying at our faculty even better, please let use know.

We also invite you to take part in all the events that we will be organising this year.

Greetings from the FGS’s Student Council!