Doctoral Study - Public Administration

Quick Facts

Duration: 3 years

ECTS: 120

Professional title: doktor/doktorica znanosti

Abbreviation: dr.


Description of study

The program takes place over three years and is divided into six semesters. The first semester is devoted to theoretical and methodological deepening of previous knowledge, allowing for an introduction to doctoral studies. The second semester is devoted to the preparation of the disposition of the doctoral thesis. The third and fourth semester are designed for individual work on the doctoral thesis under the assistance of a supervisor and potential co-supervisor. This work links in the fifth semester with a seminar for preparation of the thesis, where candidates are obliged to present a draft thesis and where they receive comments and suggestions for further revisions in order to the work can be completed by the end of the sixth semester. The PhD Programme comprises overall of 180 ECTS.


Enrolment Criteria

The first year of the doctoral study programme can be entered by a student who finished:

• a study programme of the Second Degree;
• a higher education programme and a study programme for gaining a specialization, if he completes the study obligations in the amount of 30 to 60 ECTS, which is determined by the Study Commission based on the type of the undergraduate study programme and specialization;
• study programme from the fourth paragraph of the 36th article of ZViS (The Law of Higher Education) if it is evaluated as 300 ECTS (uniform study programme);
• four-year undergraduate study programme for gaining university education in Public Administration, law and social sciences (the second paragraph of the 16th article of ZViS).

The conditions and terms of enrolment are also fulfilled if a person finishes the equivalent education abroad.


Enrolment Places

20 for part-time study.

2 for part-time study.


Conditions for direct entry in the 2nd or 3rd year of Doctoral Study Programme or the transfer criteria

Graduates of study programs leading to a master degree or specialization after completing a program of study for a university education may upon enrolment in a doctoral program ask for recognition of study obligations ranging from 60 to 120 credits depending on type of undergraduate university program or specialization and depending on the field of scientific master's degree.
Candidates who posses a Master of Science in law, administrative law, public administration and the candidates, who posses a master's degree in State and European studies, may enter directly into the third year of PhD program in Public Administration. They are, however, obliged to complete all study obligations (participation in a seminar for the preparation of disposition, confirmed thesis topic, presentation and defence of the draft disposition of the doctoral dissertation).


Criteria for selection of candidates

In the event that the number of applications for enrolment in the doctoral study program significantly exceeds the number of places available or its capacities (personnel, space and others), the Graduate School may impose enrolment limit.

The selection of candidates will be decided by the Commission for Academic Affairs, which will take into account the following criteria:
• the average score in the post-graduate Master's course - up to 50% of the points,
• evaluation of the master thesis - up to 40% of the points,
• other academic achievements (contests, awards, publications ...) - up to 10% of the points.



Graduates of PhD Programme in Public Administration can be employed in all positions that require education in the field of administrative law and public administration. They will be easier employable than person with lower level of education. This applies especially for those positions that require above than average legal knowledge. Graduates of the study program will be recruited both in Slovenia as well as in all other EU Member States.
A successfully completed doctoral studies at the Graduate School of Government and European Studies allows for direct mutual recognition of qualifications between the State Parties under the Convention on the Recognition of Qualifications concerning Higher Education in the European Region - Lisbon Convention (Official Gazette - International Treaties. No. 14/99).


The Structure of Doctoral Study Programme in Public Administration

The program is structured in the way that the work will be organized on the basis of three types of teaching units:
1. Compulsory courses, which aim to deepen methodological knowledge in constitutional fundamentals of public law, public administration and administrative systems (A),
2. Compulsory seminar, which is linked with the preparation of a draft doctoral thesis (Seminar for disposition and seminar for the dissertation) (B),
3. Preparation of the doctoral thesis, which comprises of individual research work under assistance of a supervisors and which addresses critical responses to draft doctoral dissertation (C).


Curriculum - 1st year

The first year includes two compulsory courses and seminar for the preparation of disposition of doctoral thesis. It finishes with the submission of the disposition of the doctoral dissertation.

First-year courses:

  • Constitutional Fundamentals of Public Law
  • Administrative Theories
  • Proposal Preparation Seminar
  • Writing of PhD thesis proposal


Curriculum - 2nd year

The second year includes third compulsory course and defence of doctoral thesis disposition, including examination of knowledge of the compulsory courses. The second part is devoted to the preparation of the draft doctoral thesis, which candidate is obliged to present at the doctoral seminar.

Second-year courses:

  • The Theory of Administrative Systems
  • Writing of the PhD thesis draft
  • PhD Thesis Seminar


Curriculum - 3rd year

The third year is entirely devoted to individual research work and preparation of the final doctoral thesis under the assistance of supervisor and potential co-supervisor. The candidate receives at the thesis seminar critical responses to the draft of his/her doctoral thesis, which he thereafter includes in the final – corrected and revised - version of his thesis. The candidate is obliged, before the defence of the doctoral thesis, to publish a research scientific article and/or actively attend a scientific conference with international participation.

Third-year course:

  • Preparation of the final PhD thesis, article and defense.